Get Ready For Act One.


The curtain is opening to a brand-new way to entertain, excite and enlighten in the heart of The Rail District.

A live entertainment venue is taking Frisco’s center stage with the addition of Nack Theater.

Where a teaming of hopes and ideals are coming together with a purpose. Where dance troupes and musicians, comedians and special events are invited to light up our nights. Your ticket to fun in The Rail District is here.

Behind The Scenes

Meet The Cast

Nack Development

Collaboration can go a long way. And Downtown Frisco is reaping all the benefits in a very exciting way. Three years ago, Nack Development set its sights on Downtown Frisco and that vision hasn’t stopped since. See all the imagination and big ideas that are coming to life.


The Rail District

The Rail District has a unique community spirit that is being shined and brightened. And now the curtain is opening to even more opportunity. More shops, more restaurants and even more fun. Get Ready For More.


Cue The Excitement

Ready to book this venue for your next event? Contact our Theater Manager:

Mikaila Montgomery

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